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Guest Comic: Happy Birthday Cooly
Guest Comic: Happy Birthday Cooly

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Blue Well

Leif Kavanaugh grew up in the country-side and came to the city to attend college. He moves into "The Blue Well" boarding home, which houses several other college students just like himself. While he hopes everything will go smoothly, Leif learns it's not the city that makes life crazy, it's the people.



Blaugh, sorry for lack of update guys, these past two weeks have been a little…odd…and stressful.


1)BW comic up for Valentines day~

2) Joined a gym…

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 11 Feb 2015 08:03 pm  -  0 comments

Merry Christmas~!

I hope everyone had a good holiday~!

I feel bad that we literally JUST came back and already had to miss a week due to the Holidays, but don't worry, we're back at it on monday~

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 25 Dec 2014 11:49 pm  -  0 comments

Apologies/Personal Update

I'll just link it here since it's a little long but here's an apology about the unexpected silence and such.

Blue Well will be resuming again very soon!

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 13 Aug 2014 04:53 pm  -  0 comments

Blue Well Character Quiz

Take the quiz and find out who you are!

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 21 May 2014 11:51 pm  -  2 comments



Save 20% off anything in my online shop with the code:


Blue Well buttons, posters, and laminate keychains available (and fanart related items in the Misc. Products section!

Check it out! XD

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Update on Blue Well Book

So just incase you were wondering where the hell is Book 1 and the kickstarter, here’s a little update.

First of all you have my apologies for it taking so long. I had originally planned to have the book finished by August….but then it was pushed to October and now it’s still being pushed because I haven’t finished the bonus content (brand new stuff that’s never been seen before)

I’ve just been in such a drawing rut and haven’t been able to do much aside from my actual weekly pages. (Like when was my last actual illustration done…JUNE? And that was fanart) Trust me, I hate it. And I’m angry at myself for not being able to kick myself out of it.

But I have a new goal to finish the book by the end of the year, and to get the kickstarter up and running by February~!

I hope you can be patient with me, it’s my first book and I want it to be a good one~ XD

Thank you for your patience~ Love you all~

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 29 Nov 2013 01:00 pm  -  0 comments

Back from AX/NEW SHOP


Had a great time, met lots of new people! But Expo's always great.

Anyway, i'm ready to get back to work and pull Blue Well off it's mini hiatus.

Also I've got a brand new shop open! There's more products (not just blue well related) and i'll be adding more items for preorder soon~ (Cosmetic/Pencil bags and such)

Check it out here or just click the "Shop" button up in the banner up top. ^^^^

So, excited to resume chapter 4?

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 08 Jul 2013 06:24 pm  -  0 comments

Blue Well Book

Blue Well getting prepped for going to print sooner than you think! But first there's some essential things to work out! So i'd like to know what you guys think in terms of the content of the book.

Would you guys prefer....

---Around 100 pages, Two chapters per book, more bonus comics/artwork, price roughly $20.00-25.00


---Around 40-50 pages, Sold in single chapters, few bonus comics/artwork, price roughly $14.00-15.00

Give your opinion here or click the link below and go vote on the poll at deviantart! :D

posted by Kumikoalastar @ 21 Apr 2013 04:54 pm  -  0 comments

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